A bridge : The Périphérique (Paris beltway) is one of the busiest highways in Europe. Its route coincides almost entirely with the boundaries of Paris city. People can see it as a « frontier » symbolizing a rift in the sociological, economic and cultural cooperation between Paris and its suburbs.
This is where we build our project. Our project is a bridge between Paris and its suburbs.
A symbol : In the tradition of Etienne-Louis Boullée, our project is meant to combine philosophy, love of simple geometric shapes and gigantic scale.
Our project is one of twelve stars of the European flag raised along Paris administrative limit. It is an Eiffel Tower that opens arms. It is a pentagram. It is a universal symbol.
A machine : Our project is an energy production unit. Wind generators and solar panels constitute the facades. Sun and southwest wind supply an important quantity of electricity.
Our project is a huge rainwater collector. The rainwater is collected, processed, stored and then redistributed in housing.
Our project is a cleanup machine. The bio-filtering gardens of the facade and of the main street which are perched above the Périphérique filter polluting matters such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and the various airborne particles due to the fossil fuel consumption.
Program : There are not enough accommodations in Paris where land is scarce and expensive. Our project proposes energy and water self-sufficient apartments built where land is of no value. Paris is the most blocked with traffic city in Europe. Our project is an automatic multistory car park connected to public transport.  It is intended for restricting road traffic in Paris.
It is also a huge reloading terminal for electric and/or hybrid cars.
The Périphérique is a no man’s land. Our project is a pedestrian street perched above the Périphérique with its shops and public garden.

Project : 12 stars / Program : skyscraper / Height : 180 m – 590 ft / Location : Paris – France / Client : Evolo Magazine – D3 / Architects : Laetitia Delubac and Christian Félix architects, Paris, France / competition